SS Constructions was founded in the year 2000 with the ambition of making a creative mark in the construction and real estate industry. Right from the beginning, the company didn’t limit itself to a certain industry and displayed diversified ability in various kinds of construction projects. SS Constructions wished to be a reliable construction partner of not only the public sector firms but also those of the private sector.

It’s now a pan India company with a rich portfolio of Government Projects, Heritage/Traditional Projects, Commercial and Residential Projects, Institutional Structures, Business and Office Parks, Extensive Remodelling projects and many more. While the company has a specific methodology for each of these sectors, it’s commonly known for its construction quality and extremely professional execution of project plans.

We are a multi-faceted organization with leadership from various backgrounds and a flexible team that smoothly adjusts according to the needs of the projects. We have a rich infrastructure backed by the most passionate and driven group of engineers who make every project look like a cakewalk for the clients.