Swimming Pool Construction and Filtration System

Board of directors/Sister companies (Collective strength)
In an attempt to consolidate the construction assets and collective strength of sister companies, SS Constructions created a Board of Directors consisting of visionaries across multiple companies. The directors on board brought with them several ideas of innovative practices across various experience verticals. It's a great experience mix that helps us keep at the right path, respect and follow the best construction principles and create architectural marvels.

Meet our Board of Directors

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Management and leadership
Our management level leadership is no less enthusiastic than our core team of engineers. Our managers love the real estate industry as much as our technicians. We have in our midst an able squad of management leaders who won't mind wearing the hat of a site supervisor if they have to on a given day. They help us keep the project timelines, supervise quality, get us the most high-quality construction material; ensure our infrastructure is oiled and properly maintained and basically turn up every single day so all of us give our best shot.

Meet our Management Leadership
(Names, qualifications, photos and Linked-in profile links)

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