Muscle of Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is an integral part of who we are. That includes not only machine power but also man power driven by strict principles of safety and environment sustainability.

Machinery and equipment

Our uncompromising standard of construction involves active investment in some of the latest construction machinery and equipment. We strongly believe that this kind of heavy investment in technologically advanced machinery helps us keep our quality standards high apart from keeping us upbeat with the rest of the construction world. It accelerates our construction projects and helps us nail the targets.

Our Machinery and Equipment infrastructure includes but is not limited to :

Heavy machinery for earthwork: Compactor, dozer, grader, scraper, loader, excavator.

Road construction machines: Paver, milling machine and road compactor.

Crane machines: Truck mounted crane, portal crane, tower crane and cable crane.

Heavy machinery for buildings: Haulers, chip spreaders, caterpillars, motor graders, road rollers, drum mixing plants and pipe layers.

Team of engineers and architects

We have a rigorous screening process of recruitment of specialized personnel especially in the team of engineers and architects. Our comprehensive orientation teaches architects and engineers to downplay their specialized knowledge and focus more on collaboration. Our recruitment criteria include not only professional qualifications but also practical exposure to the construction industry.

Our team of engineers, architects and machinery staff has the following things in common :

  • Acute sense of team work and co-ordination
  • Design intent
  • Professional attitude and behavior along with clear communication
  • Responsible control and supervision
  • Active collaboration

Quality parameters and policies

We read about and get inspired by structures around the world and our attitude is often shaped by what's happening at the global level of construction industry. We follow four broad quality parameters :

  • Stellar construction material and machinery
  • Flawless construction with strict adherence to safety parameters
  • Efficient project management
  • Respect for timelines

Internally, we follow some serious quality policies to ensure that we constantly improve our processes and come out as the most satisfying construction partners for our clients.

We have three quality policies within the company :

  • Regular process audits
  • Monthly overhauling/checkup of machines
  • Partnership with quality vendors and suppliers

Green and Safety Principles

SS Construction on principle is a green construction company that keeps sustainable construction on top of its policies. We strive to meet national standards of environment construction by constructing buildings that provide ample scope and space for plantation and energy conservation. We try to blend form with function by creating a harmony between our structures and the environment.

Today's choice is tomorrow's future

We are conscious that urbanization has been largely responsible for the felling of trees and harming environment. We wish to lend a helping hand in restoring what our planet has lost by actively picking up green projects along with enforcing green initiatives in each of our projects. Some of our safety and green principles include :

  • Weave greenery into the fabric of all construction projects
  • Positively influence clients and partners to plan green and sustainable designs
  • Train, educate and motivate our employees and staff towards healthy and green construction parameters and follow best industry practices for safety
  • Conceive and propose green projects and plans for the clients