Our real estate commercial projects are distinctively undertaken with the motto of green and sustainable spaces with ample parking facilities. Our thorough attention to details, our knowledge of commercial real estate guidelines and upbeat architectural sense have helped us create some of the most reliable and aesthetically savvy structures around the country. Our Commercial projects include–


We have a history of erecting smart, attractive and globally relevant shopping malls, supermarkets and departmental stores for the modern world. Our architecture balances colours and looks that appeal to the Indian eye, while our experience is reflected in the quality of construction.


We love building movie theatres, multiplexes, resorts, amusement parks, picnic spots in environments that make people feel comfortable and relaxed. We leave ample scope of greenery; ensure safe exits; follow sound, light and safety guidelines apart from creating visually appealing experiences.

Business and office

Here’s where we get to exercise our acute sense of modern space utilization and smart planning. We have built offices, office buildings, commercial complexes, Business Parks and IT parks in the past. Our workspaces are marked by comfort with a deep understanding of the needs of modern professionals.

Industry verticals

Be it hotels, restaurants, concept cafes, retreats and resorts or amenity buildings such as hospitals, banks and financial institutions, school and college buildings – we have taken up large green and rewarding projects across industry verticals.

What makes us EXCELLENT in Commercial Projects?

  • Strict adherence to quality and safety parameters
  • Uncompromising space utility, ventilation and parking
  • Cutting-edge design/construction plans
  • Flexible teams adjusting to changing circumstances
  • Sustainable green buildings

What do you gain from us?

  • Construction within budget
  • Truly modern and pleasant buildings
  • Green, safe and rewarding work and shopping places
  • Quality construction
  • Buildings with distinct personality

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