SS Construction has a diversified team combining the experience of senior construction managers, project managers, directors and real estate experts along with the fresh ideas of young talent. We follow a methodical process of construction in all of our projects to bestow good quality construction within the estimated budget.

Being in the business for 50 years, we have a rich network of contractors and sub-contractors who have helped us deliver some of the most standardized and quality construction projects. From using the latest equipment to channelizing the best construction teams, we work in tandem with your requirement matching it with our expertise.

Our General Construction Services include

General contracting:

We are open to your contracting methods and can slip into your shoes swiftly to customize based on your project needs

Construction management:

Our 50+ years of experience and a strong team enable us to guide and manage your construction project efficiently

Site/space planning:

Got a place but clueless how to use it best? We can provide you with a site plan in your budget and schedule it for you.

Designing and building:

You can simply hire us for designing and/or building a project and we will deliver you a faster project.

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