Nothing can beat remodeling and renovation than experience. We have undertaken thousands of remodeling and renovation projects that have totally transformed the look, feel and experience of living.
Through our redecoration and renovation, we have transformed:
  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Educational institutions
  • Critical care health institutions
  • Villas and bungalows
  • Farm houses and resorts
  • Commercial buildings
  • Trade houses
  • IT parks/complexes
Our Renovation and Remodelling services include -


We are passionate about aesthetics and decorating. And interior projects give us a high. We are meticulous in our redecoration interior projects with acute attention to detailing. Our designers, architects and sub-contractors work in one spirit when it comes to modern living and commercial spaces. Our great sense of style coupled with our experience of undertaking several beautiful and challenging interior projects give us an edge.

We bring a lot of thoughtfulness in the redecoration projects yet try to reflect your personality in the final product.


We can completely transform the look of a building, a house or an office with our special exterior redecoration services. We have a fleet of construction equipment along with a talented team of professionals that provides competitive renovation services.

What makes us EXCELLENT remodelers/ renovators?

  • Modern renovation/remodeling practices
  • Architectural and interior know-how
  • Knowledge of spacing, construction material and norms
  • Acute attention to detailing
  • Realistic customization as per building
  • Great sense of aesthetics
  • Latest technology of construction equipment

What do you gain from us?

  • Renovations within budget
  • Better living spaces
  • Complete transformation
  • Quality construction

Didn’t find your fit?

Check out an overview of our Remodelling/Renovation Services
  • Granite/Marble fixing – both interior and exterior - on façades, walls and floors
  • Joining and fixing works of windows, doors, Placo work, Parquet flooring
  • Ornamental/decorating work
  • Painting, Tiling and Screeding
  • False ceiling work, dry Partitions
  • Finishing works of all kinds
  • Flooring like laying of marble floors etc
  • Masonry works such as wall building with stones, aerated cement, hollow blocks, bricks, concrete, cellular concrete and laterite etc.

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